Our Focus

    •   We speak your language.

      We are a network of business professionals that besides speaking your language, understand your company's language.


    •   We provide powerful tools for your company's continuous improvement

      Our constant training has allowed us to make successful contributions to our clients, providing powerful tools for the continuous improvement of companies in every continent, throughout our training and certification audit processes.


    •   We are Objective and Transparent

      We focus on objectively preparing our proposals in consistency with actual costs, granting information on the outreach of our services and their applicability.


    •   Practical, not theoretical

      Our partners' acknowledged leadership, along with the creativity and practical and technical competence of our network of business professionals, allow the continuous development of our services and the pragmatic application of the latest technological developments in the field of management.


    •   Acknowledged and Independent

      Our partners' international prestige and our accreditations' acknowledgment, along with the work methodology of permanent assessment assures the fulfillment of training and certification in an objective and independent manner.


    •   We transfer technology in order to create value

      Our network, that operates on knowledge transference, focuses on the critical aspects of business, pursuing actual and potential strong points without encouraging the bureaucratic scanning of weaknesses. Our specialists' network takes part in different areas of business and institutional activities, thus maximizing the value of our training and certification.


  •   Constant updating on new models and innovations

    LSQA arose from the association of pioneer and innovative organizations on the dissemination, Training, Assessment and Certification of a wide range of models and standards, thus introducing new versions, applications and integration methods into the continent. LSQA grants direct and permanent access to all of the knowledge and information on the latest Quality and relevant requirement trends of regional and global markets, for both present and future.

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Av. Italia 6201 | "Los Tilos" Building - 1st. floor
     11500, Montevideo - Uruguay

Phone: (+598) 2600 0165 | Fax: (+598) 2604 2960
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